Good job on taking the step to grab your “So You Want to Write A Book Decision Matrix.”

And yes, even just popping your name and email in the box IS a step. Your next step is to LOOK at the file when it arrives in your inbox.

Why not right here, right now?

Because I want you to get in the habit of opening my emails, of course! In addition to the email that’s arriving RIGHT NOW, you’ll get a few additional emails that “decode” some of the steps and decisions you’re making along the way.

And the other reason is…

This is a fun, full-size graphic. You might as well take a moment to enjoy it. I had a ton of fun writing it and I hope you have fun examining it – and taking your next steps too.


Kim Eldredge

Kim Eldredge is a Bestselling Book Strategist, Your Story Pathfinder, and a BEAST-MODE Marketer. She holds a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and has written 20 books, including an Amazon #4 bestseller (out of the top 100 books in any genre). If you’re ready to finally write your bestselling book, but aren’t sure where to start, Kim is ready to show you how.