Congratulations! You’re registered.

Gotta say, my friend, this is a big deal that you’ve registered for this training, Finally Write Your Book: How to EASILY Write Your Book & Share Your Message in 2019.

I’m not just saying that …

Too many people set a goal for the New Year and then don’t take a shred of action. You’ve dipped your toe in the water. Now your next move: BEING THERE!

Pop this into your calendar right now:

When: Monday, February 4
Time: 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern

Block off an hour and then make it a priority to BE THERE. Everybody wants to have a book that will change the world. And it’s 100% possible. It’s not even nearly as much work as you think it is. But if you don’t take the actions, it’ll never be more than a dream.

And that is NOT how I roll.

While you’re adding this training to your calendar, think of three friends who have expressed interest in writing a book. (Don’t pre-qualify them!) Then invite them. Send them here to register:

See you soon!

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Kim Eldredge

Kim Eldredge is a Bestselling Book Strategist, Your Story Pathfinder, and a BEAST-MODE Marketer. She holds a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and has written 20 books, including an Amazon #4 bestseller (out of the top 100 books in any genre). If you’re ready to finally write your bestselling book, but aren’t sure where to start, Kim is ready to show you how.