Finally Write Your Book:

VIP Mentorship

You’re ready to finally write your book and share your message.


You’re ready to have it be easy, streamlined, and fun!

Finally Write Your Book: VIP Mentorship is for the author who is ready to get focused, get writing, and get the book done. It’s the perfect combination of strategy, accountability, mentorship, and support, with full attention on your message.

In this intimate, 12 month intensive program, we’ll cover:

Kim’s Proven System to FINALLY Write Your Book:

Step 1:

What’s Your Message?

  • Dialing in to your bestseller message so you’re focused on your message while you’re writing.
  • Finding your passion so it sings on every page (and makes the writing easier!)
  • Organizing your ideas so you know what’s in your bestselling book – and what will be in your “work with me more” high-ticket programs.

Step 2:

Crafting Your Bestseller Outline

  • Create an outline and a writing plan that works for you, so you can stay on topic and deliver powerful transformation to the reader.
  • Discover what stories to use, so your book is on topic and exciting. And so you’re impacting your reader in the most powerful way possible!
  • Learn what goes in your book (THIS book) and what will be material for future books, courses, etc.

Step 3:

Story Sells – And Transforms!

  • How to harness powerful storytelling in a way that means your reader will laugh, cry, and become transformed.
  • How pacing, flow, and rhythm are key to keeping your readers engaged.
  • The fastest way to discover your unique voice and honor it in the book.
  • How to tell an emotional story – without overdoing it!

Step 4:

Who You’re Writing For (and How to Reach Them!)

  • Knowing who you’re writing for, and why, so your reader feels you’re sitting next to her, holding her hand, and guiding her forward.
  • My must-use trick to make sure you’re always on topic in your writing.
  • How NOT to be boring (even if you think your topic is “dry” or “heavy”) so that your message is heard and your readers’ lives are changed.

Step 5:

The Antidote to Writer’s Block, Procrastination, and Overwhelm

  • Why the very notion of writer’s block may be keeping you stuck. (I don’t believe in writer’s block, and you shouldn’t either!)
  • How to stay motivated despite your busy life so that you’re creating a writing habit that lets the words add up!
  • The best writing habits for staying focused and keeping the words flowing.


I have published several books and articles, but they have all been for scientific audiences. I had a draft of a book for the general public, but editors kept asking me questions I couldn't answer, such as "who is the audience for your book" and "what problem are your readers trying to solve?" As a science writer, I was not used to thinking about writing in this way.

Kim asked the same questions the acquisition editors were asking, and I realized that she knew how to answer these questions. After four months of working with Kim, my book was entirely re-written. I learned how to write stories, dialogue, and from the heart - all new ways of writing for me. The book has been submitted to the publisher of my choice, and I'm hopeful that it now answers all of the questions I previously couldn't answer.



Kim Eldredge is absolutely hands down the best at what she does! She empowers me to tap my creative fire and write from my heart! I’m so excited to have written and published my first book with her guidance! She shared her expertise with my group coaching clients and blew us all away with her knowledge, advanced tips, and “real” delivery!


When I came to Kim, I had a niggling idea that I’d like to write a book, but the whole process seemed way too big, complicated, and time consuming. Definitely not fun. She helped me see how using a system could make it doable. It didn’t have to be laborious and painful. It could be a step-by-step process. That writing a book could be fun, easy, and didn’t have to take forever!


As a new writer, I expected that every fear and limitation I thought I had would surface and stop me from writing. And it almost did. But thanks to mentorship, the journey although rough at times, has been a really beautiful one. My experience with Kim at New Frontier Books has been revealing, pleasant, and supportive.

Kim has helped me deep dive into my writing, encouraged me to keep going and planted many nuggets to help me get past my mental monsters. Her direction, experience, and insight has been a wonderful placeholder when I felt like giving up. I am pleased with what I have learned so far and I look forward to seeing the completion of my best-selling book.

Thanks Kim!




During our time together, we’ll have:

The group component:

  • 6 LIVE group training calls that will walk you through, step-by-step, how to write your book in a way that will be engaging and transformational for your reader.
  • 24 LIVE group Q&A sessions to answer your questions as they arise.
  • 4 full-day storytelling retreats to hone your storytelling skills and learn from each other.

($7,500 total value)

Don’t get all panicked if you can’t make a training or Q&A! Everything is recorded so you can listen to it again and again.

VIP Mentorship with Kim:

  • Weekly writing review – send your writing (up to 10 pages) to Kim weekly for mentorship and feedback.
  • Up to 50 private, 1-on-1 calls with Kim. You NEVER have to struggle alone; I'm here to help!  These calls are held weekly and last approximately 30 minutes. Recorded and provided to you for your permanent library.

($15,500 total value)

Additional Support:

  • Twice monthly "write ins" so you can put your work time in your calendar and KNOW you'll be spending that time writing.
  • Rewards and celebrations as you meet your goals. We CELEBRATE your progress (and I send you gifts too!)
  • Lifetime access to the recordings of all training sessions, Q&A sessions, and Storytelling Retreats via a dedicated, private, membership site.

($7,500 total value)

Kim’s Get Started Writing Package

  • The Book Idea Workbook – the place you get started that helps you isolate your book idea AND your message.
  • Author Interview Series – inspirational interviews from authors who have been on this journey

($1,500 total value)

VIP entry to the Spring 2022 Live Event

Spring 2022 in beautiful Prescott, Arizona.

All you need to cover is your transportation and lodging; I'll cover your meals and your materials!

*$97 no-show deposit required to hold your seat*
refunded when you arrive at the event.

($1,500 value)

That is over $23,000 in coaching and $9,000 in bonuses! Your book and its power to change countless lives is easily worth $32,000. And being able to write it using a proven system (not templates that suck your soul from your words) is priceless.

Not to mention that you won’t spend months or years struggling, since there’s 1-on-1 guidance and mentorship.

I believe in you, your message, and that having a bestselling book will unleash your message upon the world (and change countless lives—starting with your own!)

That’s why your investment to join me is a $1,000 deposit and then ten payments of $1,140.

I value action takers, so when you pay in full, you receive:

Pay-In-Full Bonus 1:

Generous up-front discount of 20%

Bringing your total investment to $10,000.

(Savings $2,400)

Pay-In-Full Bonus 2:

2-Day Writing Retreat

Spend two days with me where we go slow and savor the process of writing. This will include readings from my favorite books, writing exercises, and plenty of writing time. I may even bring in a guest author to give you a different perspective!

Dates TBA; probably virtual

(Value $5,000)

Pay-In-Full Bonus 3

Half VIP Day to Custom-Craft Your Bestseller Launch

During this (virtual) VIP day, we’ll custom-craft your bestseller launch – specifically what happens AFTER your book launch. This is how you monetize the excitement and momentum from your book launch into raving clients.

(Value $3,000)

But don’t wait! Because this is an intensive program, with so much of my 1-on-1 time, I can ONLY take 10 people. I want to make sure you get my best – so I’m limiting the group size! Lock in your space here

Lock in your space here:

*The VIP Mentorship is for authors who are ready to write their book -- now! This is a non-refundable deposit.